Take BAITS and go fishing

We started our journey on January 2012 while brainstorming on how to make things simple inside such a complex reality as the business & life reality in Albania. Humans in general, but Albanians even more aim to complicate things, starting from their routine up to the most important decisions of their life, certainly reflecting this, above all into the business reality.

When BAITS was created we had already experienced THE REALITY OF:
  • Being used but not compromised
  • Being responsible while receiving zero responsibility
  • Generating new ideas while seeing someone else take the credit
  • Increasing profitability while receiving the same salary
  • Long hours & overtime while treated as sharply 8-hour workers
  • Fighting the hard battles of negotiations but merely being accepted as the reason to the victory
  • Giving as it was OURS but receiving as it was THEIRS

We decided to sacrifice a part of us in order to create something which would be a part of each one, who is tired of that same reality. This is how BAITS was born.

And if you are at that same place in your life, reach out, let us know…we can at least share a cup of coffee with you and listen to your struggle.